Friday, December 30, 2011

*My 2011*


I was missing my bestie like crazy, but she came to visit because she's the best! :)

Could she get any cuter??

Courtney and I having tons of fun, as usual. Miss this girl!

Covered in snow! 
Meeko became a utes fan

Road trip to Chris & Katy Bug's wedding

With the beautiful bride the night before the wedding :)

Rehearsal Dinner with my darling bestie


Seating chart I created for Miss Katy
Mr. Merrill
Mrs. Merrill :D

Love this girl with all my heart

The hubby and me <3
Valentine's Day :) My hubby loves me.

February madness

Roxie gets a little excited about cuddling with her daddy


Moved into our new home in Utah 
The craziest snow storm ever!
Loving the snow

Before I chopped off all my hair

The snow actually calmed down enough to go to the dog park

In the Uhaul moving mama to Utah!

Stuck on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck for the Uhaul :-/

Aaron with his baby nephew Asher


Ole Ole Ole Ole!
First week back at Saxton Horne 
At the race track


Mom settling in in Utah

Asher Dasher Doo turns 1 :)

The hubby tries to learn to play guitar

Dane sees an incredible mullet!

The month I discovered Sally Hansen Nail Stickers!!

The view from my work

Chopped all my hair off! :(

Visiting Lacey Loo

Loving the new job!

Pirates in 3D IMAX

My darling besties in Mandy's wedding

Mandy and Jon tie the knot <3

Loved her shabby chic wedding!


First trip to Naples, FL... I'm in LOVE!!

Naples stole my heart 
Double Rainbow


4th of July!

4th of July parade

4th of July parade

Sephora lip stain changed my life! LOL

Park City with Lace

Lace buys her first Coach purse! :D 

Frozen yogurt date with mama

Hot date with my baby

Mani/Pedi experiment :)


More planking

Ready to salsa dance!

Salsa dancing and good food with my LaLa

Real games... :)

Swamped with work! 

Too bad it didn't fit :(

Mountain biking with my love in Park City 

More Real games!

Gooooo Xango!

Our Real buddies. Miss them!

A day in Park City with my lovely friends

Park City or bust!

My besties at the OC fair

KK and me at the OC fair :)

Kayla's first manicure!

Celebrating with the birthday girl! <3

Two of my favorite gals!

A picture to send to my hubby while he was away on a business trip :(

Fiesta Fiesta!

This is how we FIESTA!

Fiesta nails

Should I grow one? I think it's a good look.

Fun at Matt n DiV's fiesta

Senor Corona

With "Josh Groban"


Cake Pop Adventures with Laurin

We're just this goofy!

UCLA vs. Utes in Cali

LaLa & LoLa :)

Picking up our puppies! Yes, that's poo on my door. Haha

Batman becomes a Venneri :)


Best manicure ever!!  
Meekorazon being adorable. What's new?

Freezing Utes game, but never too cold for Dippin' Dots!

Found out we were moving back to Cali and found this gem of a place! :D

Celebrating Aaron's birthday @ LA Live

Meeko helping mama pack

Roxie became a mama

Batman winning over our hearts

Saying goodbye to mom even though it feels like we just got to Utah :-/

First weekend in Cali happened to be my birthday & the hubby couldn't come yet, so he
had Lace get me some beautiful flowers to give to me at my birthday dinner with her. :)

25th birthday party!

Getting to celebrate the 25th in the best way possible... with all my besties in Cali!

Holding down the fort

Thanksgiving in Utah- My stunning mama!


Back in the modeling game :)

Becky Crocker the housewife hard at work! LOL
Our Christmas photo shoot compliments of my bestie, Lacey

Christmas at home :)

Merry Christmas!

Rox got fixed :( Her brothers are taking great care of her, though. :)

Meeko concerned for his baby sister :)