Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The big *24*

I am 24 today. This has definitely been my least exciting birthday to date. I still have so very much to look forward to, but when you have high expectations for what's going to happen in what timing, it's a bit depressing. I think this is a good lesson in trusting in the Lord. If I would have trusted in the Lord that everything would happen in His perfect timing, I wouldn't feel sad about not having a child and being finished with school by now. It's a great reminder that any time I try to rely on myself I fail. Anytime I make my own plans, they fall through. I need to 100% fully rely on and trust in my Heavenly Father.


Heather Myers said...

First off, Happy Birthday! Secondly, don't feel like a failure because you haven't done what you thought you would. Would it be better to have a baby when you weren't ready, just to stay with your timeline? No... you are smart to finish school (which ALWAYS takes longer than we think it will.... not to mention, you moved) and get things in order before taking that HUGE step. Like you said, God's timeline is the BEST and His plans are always far better than ours. Celebrate all the wonderful blessings in your life today and the fact that you have a bright future that will be blessed! You will look back and realize that God had perfect timing. :)

Anonymous said...

hey, its Thomas, havent heard from you in ages. miss ya kiddo. hope all is well.