Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Utah Update

Hey everyone!

It's been a while. I feel like my creative energy is finally returning as life falls into place. I have been so overwhelmed and I finally feel like I'm settling in and getting more comfortable. Life is fantastic in Utah! :) Of course there are still the anxious emotions of being in a transitional phase, but for the most part, things are fabulous!

The amount of family and loved ones we have here simply amazes me. I have been to more family events over the past two months than I have been to over the course of my lifetime. It's overwhelming to me, but in a good way. My heart feels over-joyed and overflowing with love. :) It's so neat to observe the healthy and complete family unit. Although I wouldn't change my upbringing because it's what made me who I am today, I feel so blessed to have married into this. Now if only Nevada could fall off the face of the earth and California were Utah's neighbor. ;) Then I'd only be a few hours away from my side of the family and loved ones. Maybe you can all move to Utah?? Yeah?? ;)

4th of July FUN: 

I miss our friends in Fresno so much and I'm going crazy not being able to just drive down to Orange County whenever I please. Thankfully I get to go there this month and next month, so that will be so great to get to see my mom, Lace, and my girlies. I miss the beach, but I didn't get to see it much when I lived in Fresno anyways. I think I liked the idea that it was only 2 hours away though, even if I didn't go as often as I would have liked. I don't miss the California weather yet, because it's absolutely beautiful here right now! I wish it could be summer here all the time. I'm not looking forward to the snow. :-/

Peeps I miss:

Our home for now :)

So there's an update for a few people who have been asking about Utah.  :) Hope everyone is doing great. Please send me your prayer requests if you have any. XOXO