Friday, May 7, 2010

Things I dream about

 I have had a lot of time to think lately and I find that when that happens I always catch myself yearning to fulfill my dreams in life. I want to make a list of them to remind myself... kinda like a bucket list I guess. Hopefully I'll get the chance to experience some of them before I go to be with my Savior... if not, what's better than heaven? Some are goofy, but goofy is my middle name. So here it goes...

Learn to play guitar

Learn to play piano  

Take vocal lessons

Vacation in Maldives

Sit on a waterfall by myself & bask 
in the wonder of created things

Go to Seattle, drink coffee, 
read books and enjoy the rain 

Become halfway decent at golf

Get awesome at salsa dancing 

Take a hip hop dance class

Ride in a hot air balloon

Own a salt water fish tank

Ride a motorcycle 

Surf... again

Make the most incredible
cupcakes on earth


Go make disciples 

Have a little one

Show Aaron around my
hometown in Oklahoma

Go horseback riding on the beach